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An original photograph of the Schwarz family which I located in a 1951 scrapbook assembled by Rev. Graham Kleespie of Grace Lutheran Church.
Sara Schwarz, mother of Wilhelm "Bill" Schwarz, newly arrived to the United States and employed at Blue Bell, Inc. in Columbia City.  She holds a doll for whom she designed/fashioned a crocheted dress to be given to one of the children at the company Christmas party.  Sara was an exquisite seamstres(FOREGROUND--BILL SCHWARZ, left to right--in background Susie Sexton, Keith
Kleespie (son of Rev. Graham Kleespie) and Pat Heinbaugh presenting the
board of documents and photographs -- and who organized the event.)
lloyd c. douglas letterlloyd c. douglas
susie smart sassy
don’t mess with dueling diva
cut you with her pen
- "hai-sue" by Beth Kennedy